Greta has helped me throughout the years greatly. She has provided guidance and hope and much stress relief. She has provided help in rough situations and in uncertain times. She has also provided much guidance, support and help through messages from her guides and ANGEL DROPS®. She is very gifted in her craft and truly has special gifts. — P.B., Miami, FL

My testimonial has to do with Greta’s impact in my life proper. In a dark hour that seemed to last months, maybe even years, I was, through the insistence of my wife, compelled to talk to Greta. And I say compelled because in my mental framework, pragmatism and “apparent” reality, where the sidewalks to my life’s road map. In my life’s prism’s view, spiritual – and carefully using the word metaphysics – was just interesting reading, of some contemporary authors. Greta was a lifeline to rescue my troubled life’s vantage point at the time, with first and foremost, a tremendous compassion towards the simple fellow human. She talked me back from the spiritually drowning waters, to a tranquil surface of a placid and shallow shore. After regaining some spiritual – and mind – composure, is that the true Greta acquired, in my opinion, her full breath of her almost surreal knowledge and strength. After (now) years of “working” with Greta, I have seen her dive into my life’s depths, unearthing and unfolding, to the point of shreds, vaulted fears of many, many years, that unbeknownst to me, were in fact the basis and engine of my dark outlook to the present then, as well as the gloom and despair of a distant and unwelcomed future. She has systematically – and always with compassion and strength as well – provided me with tools and processes, to first, acknowledge and understand the root of the issue, and then second, transform the particular crossroads, into a life shaping mechanism to safely land in control and with optimism. And move forward with humble attitude and strut.Concepts such as Light, Love, Resonance, Reality with a capital “R”, watching one’s life unfold on the sidelines as opposed to creating one’s own reality, to name a few, are no longer weightlessly said or thought as foreign, misty ideas; rather, they have become effective and efficient traits that can be developed and cemented to not just cope and withstand, but to overcome and triumph in these days always filled with challenges in every step of the way. As Greta has taught me, emotional spirals will always have a tendency to present themselves. As the world-class surfer, the key is to be able to “emotionally surf” those, perhaps downward pulling spirals, out to the very top of the wave, and confidently, meet our evolving lives head on, with a winning attitude armed with cognitive and relentless tools. Greta sometimes uses the word “healer”; in my perception, the qualifier does little justice to the Reality of the outcome. If for some unfortunate reason someone out there, reading this, is seeking help and guidance through troubled times, contacting Greta’s should be very strongly considered…I guarantee she will assist and provide for sunny future days and a complete overhaul of life’s spiritual approach, to shore and solidify capacities to properly meet and conquer oncoming life. — Ernesto Blanco, Texas

I had a healing session with Greta today. It was an amazing healing!!!;) I have been feeling totally drained of energy for the last couple of days. I had no strength to do absolutely anything. I was stressed about a surgery done to my daughter. We had the healing session today and she literally brought me back to life!!! I feel strong and happy!!! Full of energy!!!;) She also got a visual yesterday about how my daughter’s energy would turn out. She saw my daughter lying on the hospital bed crying tears of joy. I spoke to my ex husband and that was EXACTLY how she was!!! Thank you Greta!!!!! Thank you from my heart!!!!! You are an amazing healer!!!!!! — Ivonne Suarez, Texas

I can’t explain it. Only trust that your healing has made me feel brand new. Can’t thank you enough. — J.M., Miami, Florida

I want to thank you for my healing session yesterday. It has helped me immensely. I feel that everything is going to happen exactly as you saw it. — C.G., Miami, Florida

Girl, you rock! Thank you so much for a spectacular healing. Not only do I feel terrific, I was sitting on the floor and this couple comes in looking to buy a home, cash, up to $400K. Wow! I think I’m going to have to do a lot more healings. — Marianne Swider, Sarasota, FL


I credit the frequencies in your elixirs for powerful assistance in healing myself and others. For myself, they have been a key in maintaining the frequency level needed for spiritual consciousness expansion. I personally believe that working with your elixirs all these years has helped me on my spiritual path. — Peig Myota, Wisconsin

My favorite elixir in the world is the ANGEL DROPS® BEAUTY ELIXIR! I never leave my house without spraying myself. People, Men and Women, out of the blue come up to me and give me compliments on how beautiful I look! It also brings out the best of people towards you! As the mist covers your body, you feel refreshed! — I.S., Texas

Thank you much for the elixirs and all your help. I have noticed that the energy flows better and it opens channels to let good in. It is wonderful. Thank you very much. — P.B., Miami Beach, FL

I have a 3 year old son who has been raised with Greta’s elixirs (he is now 6 years old). This last week, he has been very sick. He had an intestinal infection. So every time he had stomach cramps, he would run to get the healing elixir so I would spray it on his stomach and he immediately felt relief. Thank you Greta for creating such a healing miracle. — Ivonne Suarez, Texas

Thank you for your Blessed work of healing in so many ways. How many years have I been using your Angel Drops? With fibromyalgia, severe osteoarthritis and all my other physical problems, you have kept me afloat with the elixirs, especially the Healing Elixir which is not for pain but it sure gives me instant relief and rarely do I take a pain killer. I can’t think of a better thing for repairing the world. Keep up your work Greta! — Marion Rosenberg, Chicago, IL

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