My mission is …

To awaken and expand consciousness in the individual seeking spiritual guidance and growth.

To clear the darkness and negativity which we sometimes carry around like a badge of courage.

To help individuals understand that they create their own reality or allow it to happen, and that they are the masters of their destiny.

To help individuals realize that their problems are challenges that they allow in order to uncover their own true power.

To then bring in Light, Love and Healing from the Universe, God, Source, God/Goddess/All That Is.

To help individuals allow this Light and Love from Higher Consciousness to guide them and then awaken gratitude, giving thanks for all the gifts they have received and are about to receive from the Universe.

To help others open their channels of abundance and allow the happiness that is their birthright to flow in.

To help others see life as a gift from the Universe, God, Source, God/Goddess/All That Is and to find happiness in the living of it.