Meditation Audios

Greta now brings her extensive knowledge and experience to you via meditation audios. Using crystals, which she incorporates into her healing meditations, you can expect Miracles as Greta guides you through her healing meditations. The meditations are expanded consciousness exercises designed for stress reduction, self-healing and rejuvenation. These meditation techniques allow vital healing energies to clean the body of blocked energy at the cellular level, promoting physical health and well-being.

By learning to use these techniques, you can go into a deep state of relaxation, your mind will become calm, allowing healing to occur at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Over time, you will be able to use these techniques whenever needed to create positive changes at every level of your being.

Crystal Chambers Chakra Balancing Meditation

CD 2

Against the background of beautiful flowing music, let Greta’s soothing voice lead you through a gentle cleansing and healing of your spiritual centers. Allow yourself to be filled with the beautiful colors of the rainbow as you enter the crystal chambers and fill yourself with the energy of each color: The color Red which stimulates and yet grounds; the color Orange which brings pleasure; the color Yellow which allow you to feel; the color Green which fills you with love; the color Blue which allows you to communicate; the color Indigo which opens your intuition; and the color Violet which connects you with your Higher Self and God/Goddess/All That Is.

In a relaxed and altered state of mind, you will receive a powerful healing. At the end of the meditation, you can ask for a gift of whatever you desire to have in your life. You will experience a very relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Crystal Chambers Chakra Balancing Meditation
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