List of Elixirs and their explanations

1. Healing Energy Elixir
2. Abundance & Prosperity Elixir
3. Beauty in Your Life Elixir
4. Happy Brain Elixir
5. Love Elixir
6. Magic Elixir
7. Miracle Elixir
8. Pink Light Elixir
9. Power Retrieval Elixir
10. Welcoming Wealth Elixir

11. Balance Formula Elixir
12. Beautiful Manifestation Elixir
13. Calming Elixir
14. Chakra Renewal Elixir
15. Detox Formula Elixir
16. Fear Elixir
17. Gratitude Elixir
18. Hope Elixir
19. Transformation Elixir
20. Trauma Detox Elixir

21. Brain Formula Elixir
22. Courage Elixir
23. Creative Fire Elixir
24. Crystal Clear Intuition Elixir
25. Dragonfly Magic Elixir
26. Elixir For Receiving
27. Elixir for Understanding
28. Energizing Tonic Elixir
29. Feminine Empowerment, Grace & Freedom Elixir
30. Focused Attention Elixir

31. For Addictive Behaviors Elixir
32. For Anger Release Elixir
33. For Communication Elixir
34. For Fun Elixir
35. For Negativity Clearing Elixir
36. For Release of Grief Elixir
37. For Release of Shame Elixir
38. For Restful Sleep Elixir
39. For Self Acceptance Elixir
40. Forgiveness Elixir

41. Grounding Formula Elixir
42 Joy Elixir
43. Lemurian Dream Elixir
44. New World Healing Elixir
45. Pain Elixir
46. Patience Elixir
47. Rainbow Elixir
48. Releasing Resistances Elixir
49. Renew Formula Elixir
50. For Self Control Elixir

51. Sense of Humor Elixir
52. Sirius Elixir
53. Special Formula for Weight Loss Elixir
54. The Green Flame Elixir
55. Violet Ray Elixir


(1) ANGEL DROPS® HEALING ENERGY ELIXIR can be used for energy healing, shock and trauma, relief of discomfort, protection from negativity, and clearing and balancing the energies in a room or space. Use as a spray to clear a room of negative and discordant energies. It will bring in feelings of calm, peace, harmony and security. This essence is an energy medicine kit in a bottle which can be used for emergencies on all levels; physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. A great crisis reliever. As a protection essence it coats the aura with a powerful sheen of energy helping to cover and repair holes and tears. This essence penetrates deep into the very core of your being. A feeling of comfort, ease and happiness will be felt for it will connect you with very loving, universal energies and the protection and guidance of angels.

(2) ANGEL DROPS® FOR ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY is an essence for well-being on all levels with a strong self-love vibration. This essence connects to the source of Universal Abundance and expands your capacity to receive that abundance by sharpening the “receiving” receptors. It helps to eliminate the feelings of lack while allowing your promise, dreams, visions and goals to surface. It helps you to enjoy your “work” on the pathway of destiny as it brings success easily and elegantly. This essence combines well with the Healing Energy Elixir and the Fear Elixir.

(3) ANGEL DROPS® BEAUTY IN YOUR LIFE ELIXIR This elixir brings Beauty into your life, allowing the pleasure, comfort, abundance and bounty that Beauty provides. It is imbued with the Essence of the Goddess’s Beauty to enhance your life, bringing awe and peace. This is an elixir that connects you to your Soul and to your Higher Self, whereby you open to accept and receive this in your life. With this elixir you are transformed to see Beauty in all of its forms, from the smallest and most humble, to the grandeur of nature and the elements. It then opens you to the transcendence and majesty of all of life. This is an elixir that brings you closer to the Divine. It opens you to the Divine in you and all of creation. It will instill a beautiful peace and an honoring of all of creation.

(4) ANGEL DROPS® HAPPY BRAIN ELIXIR The Happy Brain Elixir is an essence that helps to clear your head, brain & mind of mental exhaustion, strain, negativity & negative energies. It helps to bring the mind back into balance and normal function. It also helps to bring freshness into the brain and clarity of mind. At the same time it opens the avenues of creativity allowing a beautiful flow of ideas & inspiration in a very natural way. It helps to reinvigorate the brain as if it had rested for 6-8 hours. It helps the brain function better for longer periods of time as the synapses work more efficiently and faster. And it allows for clear thinking. It’s wonderful after a long day at the office or just doing the normal everyday tasks. It brings a lot of peace & a feeling of relaxation. It’s great especially for stroke therapy because it helps to light up the brain not only in healthy areas but also where the brain is sluggish and not as active. Colors: Purple, Indigo, White.

(5) ANGEL DROPS® LOVE ELIXIR is a soothing and calming essence which opens the heart chakra to receive universal love, the love of God and Goddess and love from all levels. It brings an understanding of what love truly is, a remembrance of that love connection the soul experienced at its conception and lost when it broke away from the God source. This elixir is a returning home for the heart chakra, magnifying the majesty, intensity and beauty of what love truly is. It allows you to experience the beauty of life all around you, opening up and giving and receiving compassion and love. It opens your heart chakra, filling it to capacity, pouring out the love energy and projecting it all around you. Your energy field then attracts and connects you to others by its healing presence. It allows you to feel the flame of love at the core of your being filling your cells with warmth and nurturing, bringing with it happiness and peace. Using this elixir is an instant connection to the Angelic presence, drawing it closer and bringing a feeling of warmth and protection. It heals the pain and fills the void left by broken relationships, loss, grief, separation, lack of love and nurturing and all heart issues. It works well in healing broken hearts and clearing the residue. It clears energetic blocks in the heart chakra, opening the way for the proper flow of energy between the lower chakras and the upper chakras.

(6) ANGEL DROPS® MAGIC ELIXIR is a potent elixir to augment your own magic. It is infused with the magic, energy and love of the Ancient Ones. This elixir contains celestial Light that shines forth and brings the recipient Light to penetrate the darkness and remove it easily and gently. It is a lovely soothing essence, calming and nurturing one against pain on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels. It enhances the potency of the other ANGEL DROPS® Elixirs and flower essences. It can be added to beverages to enhance their flavor and to foods to make them tastier. It is especially indicated in cases of severe depression, spirit (entity) attachments, negativity, out of control emotions, emotional crisis, despair and lack of hope. It brings the feeling of angelic, loving hands lifting away pain and chaos, leaving peace, serenity and security in their place. It works “as if by magic!” It’s potency is determined by your belief.

(7) ANGEL DROPS® MIRACLE ELIXIR This is an elixir of exuberance and joy. It creates miracles of all sizes, from small to large. It helps remove the resistances, inhibitors, and blocks that prevent you from accepting and receiving miracles. It hones and calibrates the receiving receptors, and your brain, to accept and to receive miracles. It helps fulfill your preferences, not only your needs. It makes “creating” easy and elegant. It transmutes and transforms blockages and negative energy and allows for transcendence. Working along with the ANGEL DROPS® Pink Light Elixir, it helps to dissolve negative influences. It makes one receptive to healing, engages optimal futures and your future self, and brings a glow and a radiance to your continence. It can be added to mixtures containing other elixirs.

(8) ANGEL DROPS® PINK LIGHT ELIXIR This is a very powerful elixir of the universal pink light of love and power. It releases negativity of all kinds. It is difficult to resist this divine love if it is used consistently over a period of time. This elixir is especially useful for energies coming from other universes and dimensions that are of a destructive nature. Excellent in cases of addictions as it causes a reversal of usual behavior and instills honesty and truth, brings strength and courage, diminishes fear, helps ease panic attacks and calms the person, brings in light and love and allows one to see the pathway of correct behavior and the conviction to follow it. Works well with the Addictive Behaviors Elixir. It is transformative, very often bringing instantaneous change as if veils were removed from the eyes and darkness from the heart, solar plexus and mind. It brings freedom and peace; will heal pain and discomfort on all levels; and opens door to love, peace, tranquility and beauty.

(9) ANGEL DROPS® POWER RETRIEVAL ELIXIR This is a powerful protection essence against outside negative energies and forces. It also protects you against misusing the negative influences that may be surrounding you. This essence is protected by powerful Guardians of Light. It helps to retrieve power lost in past lives and in the present lifetime. It is excellent for retrieving power from your own emotional past and shame-based issues. It is a powerful Sirius energy source and is infused with the essence of miracles. Crystals love it and it is almost crystalline in its energy. It is especially wonderful for use during times of great crisis and/or mass events. It fills you with what you need at the moment. It is very calming and grounding. It removes self-doubt and fills you with peace.

(10) ANGEL DROPS® WELCOMING WEALTH ELIXIR This essence, infused with divine love, is a magical elixir to help share and spread the wealth of the Universe. It allows you to create and to manifest wealth elegantly & easily. It brightens your outlook on life and the knowing that life can be easy. It helps you to create new futures with light and love, abundance and prosperity and wealth. It opens doors to endless possibilities to creating that wealth and helps you to see and understand that it is up to you to change your beliefs and to accept the bounty awaiting you. It triggers the release of energies that help to remove the obstacles that do not permit you to access that wealth. It raises your self-esteem so you feel deserving of this bounty. It communicates to your Higher Self that you are prepared to accept these gifts from the Goddess. It works especially well with the Receiving Elixir.


(11) ANGEL DROPS® BALANCE FORMULA helps to heal the inner child and adolescent gently with much love and compassion. This healing essence balances the mind, body, spirit and emotions. It realigns the solar plexus bringing soothing release to “out of control” emotions. It brings peace and tranquility.

(12) ANGEL DROPS® BEAUTIFUL MANIFESTATION ELIXIR This elixir brings great joy in manifestation, rich in color & light, beauty & creativity. It brings an elegance & ease in abundance, prosperity & wealth. It is like a magical elixir of gems, jewelry & diamonds & good fortune in many forms. It is almost as if the Angels & Devas have opened the doors to the treasures of the earth, to allow you to enjoy the many fruits of life. This well being comes not only in physical wealth, but also in love, relationships, health, success, opportunities, the opening of many doors, happiness & beauty. It is an elixir of well being & light, happiness & joy.

(13) ANGEL DROPS® CALMING ELIXIR is a calming soothing elixir of love and peace. It helps to melt away the ragged edges of anxiety and the darkness and void of depression. It puts you in touch once again with life and living in a peaceful manner. It eases depression, dissolves anxiety, overcomes stress and soothes the heart and soul with its resonance. It is a balm for the troubled spirit. You can once again “hear the music” and touch that very center of your heart and mind which connects with the “peace that passes all understanding”. For many, it will bring light into their troubled lives and allow them to gather the strength and insight needed to move forward. This elixir is wonderful to use at the end of the day to counter everyday stress. Helps you to keep calm in the eye of the storm. It coats the feeling receptors with peace to help regroup the scattered emotions you have released.

(14) ANGEL DROPS® CHAKRA RENEWAL ELIXIR This is an elixir of new hope, transformation & grace. It brings a shedding of old shackles that have bound one in place for many lifetimes. It is a promise of renewed grace, kindness, compassion, love for self & for humanity. It facilitates the opening of doors to new visions of the future filled with color light, sound, & happiness. It brings a lifting of your spirit & allows your spirit to soar to new heights, clearing away the cobwebs that have clouded your vision. It lights your pathways with crystalline energy and directs you in honing your vision toward new futures & a new world waiting to be created. It gracefully allows your Higher Self to align themselves with you and fill you with the promise of uncompromising happiness & healing.

(15) ANGEL DROPS® DETOX FORMULA This formula is a very powerful elixir that dissolves toxins and helps to eliminate them into the ethers. It neutralizes the stress caused by the toxins in the cells. It brings joy to the cells as once again they feel the hope and the life and happiness of nature and wholeness. It works very quickly, but must be taken for extended periods of time for best results. It also protects against environmental toxins by neutralizing the toxic energy, and stabilizing and strengthening the cellular energy. This elixir works through the heart to bring hope and love; through the solar plexus to calm, dismantle and disarm; and through the mind by bringing mental clarity as the chemicals and neuron-pathways are cleared of negativity. It makes the detoxification process easy and smooth.

(16) ANGEL DROPS® FEAR ELIXIR removes all levels of fear from minor fear to deep levels of terror and panic. This essence helps you become energized thus allowing action when faced with immobilizing fear. It removes inhibitions which prevent you from making life-altering changes which are necessary to move forward with your life. Removes the fear of “not being good enough” and forms a connection to the source of all Love. Heals fear caused by past lives. Brings a sense of peace and calm.

(17) ANGEL DROPS® GRATITUDE ELIXIR This is an elixir of the heart and is a connection to God/Goddess/All That Is. This elixir expands your Soul into other dimensions, filling you with light, love and power. It gathers energy from higher dimensions and higher beings. That energy then filters down into your reality and brings joy and abundance. It creates a powerful magic in your life as you manifest this abundance and your heart opens to receive it. You will feel the gratitude for your life, for your loved ones, your friends and for all that you have. Your heart then expands more & more as you are filled with power and the love for, and of, God/Goddess/All That Is.

(18) ANGEL DROPS® HOPE ELIXIR This elixir allows one to see light where there was once darkness. It opens the heart and the mind to the good, the true, the beautiful and the positive in life. It helps to change the future by opening up new avenues mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It gives one the energy, courage and the drive to move forward in a positive manner in new directions. It helps to dispel the darkness and negativity caused by failure, sickness, shock and trauma. It guides the person beautifully and gently into the right pathways of light and love. It works especially well when combined with the Joy Elixir.

(19) ANGEL DROPS® TRANSFORMATION ELIXIR This is an elixir that allows a self-change from the negative ego-based ‘self’ to the ‘Self’ that is Higher Self-based. This essence brings the charkas to a higher vibration/resonance level. It helps to fine-tune the lower charkas, allowing the person to release stuck emotional issues in a gentle & loving manner. It brings awareness of the divine in each of us, and the majesty that lies dormant inside. It helps to heal the heart chakra so that it opens wider & receives more love from God/Goddess/All That Is. This love nourishes our soul & spirit and flows outward as healing energy into our reality. The Transformation Elixir helps facilitate ease of communication, expanded intuition & crystal-clear reception of Higher Energy. It brings a harmonious flow & brilliance to your aura, and connects you to the etheric, your Real Self, Soul & Higher Self. It is a pathway to God/Goddess/All That Is. It works & blends well with the Love Elixir.

(20) ANGEL DROPS® TRAUMA DETOX FORMULA This is a breakthrough elixir for post traumatic stress and trauma that is buried but influencing the individual. It can be used safely. It eases the trauma away by dissolving the negative energy in an effortless manner. It also works by clearing the chakras, balancing and harmonizing them. It should be used for a minimum of one month to achieve best results even if well being is established quickly. It helps to reprogram the mind of the harmful draining negative programs and images and introduces new thoughts of peace, tranquility and happiness. It neutralizes the memories and images, heals the inner child and adolescent and the soul fragments that have been hurt and damaged. It brings peace and a sense of freedom that the past has truly been released.


(21) ANGEL DROPS® BRAIN FORMULA ELIXIR This elixir helps to release the proper chemicals into the brain. It opens up all pathways and helps with the expansion of the mind. It enhances good memory, brings clarity, allows for discerning, sharpens the mind, helps you retain information and it is good for computation. It balances the brain hemispheres and awakens the mind and the cells of the brain. It is an energetic brain food. It clears away debris and confusion in the brain. It opens and heals the Unconscious with the Light of the Goddess and of your Higher Self. It helps quicken the thinking process. It gives you confidence in your mental abilities and accelerates mental capacities. It allows more light into your brain and gives you what you need.

(22) ANGEL DROPS® COURAGE ELIXIR An essence for well being and happiness, bringing in universal energies to help calm the fears which prevent you from standing tall and reaching your goal. It instills a feeling of power and strength which was not felt before, opening the doors to moving forward. This elixir fills the heart with energy, calms the solar plexus and soothes the uncertainties brought on by the negative emotions within and around you. A self-regulating essence which brings harmony to the body, mind, soul and spirit. It removes the blockages which we ourselves put in our way to prevent us from breaking free of our own restraints. It allows us to feel and understand that the universe is a safe place and that life is to be lived wholeheartedly, with happiness and joy and that success is within our reach if we only allow ourselves to receive the gifts of life. It helps us to see ourselves for what we truly are, with understanding and compassion, knowing that we alone can determine our destiny. It draws forth the inner calm to soothe and comfort, yet fills us with determination to do what must be done. It instills strength and power to help us break through the barriers and then to move forward elegantly and easily. It helps us to face our problems with equanimity and to stand firm in our resolve to do what we know is necessary. It ultimately brings a sense of peace as courage supplants our fears and uncertainties.

(23) ANGEL DROPS® CREATIVE FIRE ELIXIR Angel Drops® Creative Fire Elixir is a beautiful, peaceful elixir that brings an effortless flow of ideas and new directions. It helps to bring out the best in you and infuses you with joy and happiness. It connects you with your innermost creative aspects by drawing the muses of creativity around you in a loving manner. It enflames your heart with its spark and opens you up to receive that inspiration you desire. It awakens the inner flame of creativity. And, with time, that inner flame becomes a bonfire of happiness and expectation and manifestation. It helps to clear blockages to the creative flow of ideas and innovation in an effortless and stress-free manner. Colors: Yellow, Emerald Green, Red

(24) ANGEL DROPS® CRYSTAL CLEAR INTUITION strengthens intuition by sharpening, honing and activating the intuitive information receptors. It adds dimension, depth, clarity and focus. This essence removes and heals blocks from present and past lives by clearing and healing the crown and brow chakras, or third eye. Can be taken in the evening to facilitate dreaming and lucid dreaming.

(25) ANGEL DROPS® DRAGONFLY MAGIC ELIXIR is a joyful and fun elixir, which brings ease to creation and manifestation. It helps the other elixirs work faster when used alongside them. Angel Drops Dragonfly Magic Elixir aids in deep, beautiful, transformation. It is connected to the Faerie Realm and the Ancient Ones. It connects one to other realities and possibilities. It is also a light-hearted essence, which allows growth in a positive, light manner with feelings of happiness and laughter. It creates a connection to one’s Magical Child, where magic happens with ease. It is a bubbly essence, affecting instant change in atmosphere and outlook. It is great for lifting depressed states and for balancing emotional states of mind and heart. It helps in awakening your Real Self and in filling your cells with Light and hope. This is a great healing essence. It helps to lift the Spirit and allows you to soar! The keyword is Ease & Transformation.

(26) ANGEL DROPS® ELIXIR FOR RECEIVING This is an elixir of love, of the unconditional love of the Goddess, God and All That Is. It helps to break down and dissolve the barriers that prevent us from being whom we truly are and from living a life of bounty and joy. It clears the mind of mental debris and resistances preventing one from experiencing life to the fullest. It is also a very calming essence as it relaxes the nerve endings with the assurance that you deserve the beauty and bounty of creation. It opens you to universal energies always present, which have been blocked. It opens the heart and mind to receive more love. It expands your scope, broadens your vision and helps open you to unimagined possibilities. It awakens a desire to become more of who you can be and expands your vision and scope of the world. It attracts and allows you to receive beauty, love, abundance, wealth and happiness on many levels. It produces joy.

(27) ANGEL DROPS® ELIXIR FOR UNDERSTANDING A very powerful building essence that clears away doubt and confusion, bringing light and understanding to any issue. The individual receives what they are capable of handling at that moment. It helps to reveal and to uncover the greater picture, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. With continued use, it uncovers things that were veiled in a sometimes step-by-step process. At other times it comes like a great revelation; a flash of understanding or intuition; or an “aha” moment. It is a great aid in clearing away the debris when creativity is halted or stumped, as it helps to open the channels and receptors for new ideas. It brings in fresh light, new viewpoints, stretches the limits and boundaries of the mind and helps expand it. This elixir is also a tremendous study aid when faced with new material that seems incomprehensible, or subject matter areas that have up to now seemed hopelessly confusing. It is excellent to use in dialogue when there are opposing points of view as it allows all to see the issues with the help of their Higher Selves (natures) and opens the way for resolution that could be beneficial to all concerned. Use as often as needed. Effects are cumulative, transformative and transcendent.

(28) ANGEL DROPS® ENERGIZING TONIC contains healing energy which balances the body and the immune system, allowing it to rest and recharge. It fills the cells with energy to replenish and heal the thirst they have. It draws in universal energies to balance all systems and return them to normal. Keeps the mind and thoughts clear and allows the person to look at life with joy. Infuses the person with a desire to be and to do. It clears the cobwebs of the mind as it balances the energies of the brain. It allows one to recognize and receive the gift of living life to the fullest. Energizes the spirit and brings peace and balance to all systems, returning them to normal. It works incrementally until the body reaches a balance point. Should be taken hourly in cases of severe fatigue and listlessness up to one hour before bedtime. Does not cause the symptoms of artificial stimulants and can be used to wake you up in the morning.

(29) ANGEL DROPS® FEMININE EMPOWERMENT, GRACE & FREEDOM An empowering and healing essence that helps to define women as to who they truly are. This is a wonderful essence for discovering your true feminine power. It helps to tap into the Goddess energy and allows you to find your voice, the voice of the true feminine power. This is a connection to the Goddess, to beauty in all forms and shapes, allowing you to truly connect with and feel your own inner beauty and strength. It gives true power to the feminine voice. It allows for the expression of this voice in graceful and beautiful, yet firm and assertive ways. It is an important essence for female soul fragmentation. It helps one to discover those lost or hidden fragments of self (inner child, adolescent, adult) that have been hurt, abused, beaten and or abandoned. It helps to heal them and then to integrate them lovingly. It brings your soul closer to the wholeness it so desires. With healing and wholeness, the soul becomes filled with power and more complete.

(30) ANGEL DROPS® FOCUSED ATTENTION ELIXIR This elixir helps the individual gather all those scattered fragments of thought and brings them together. The mind then opens and begins to organize those thoughts in a logical manner so that the person can concentrate on one thing at a time. It allows the thoughts to run their course without interruption until the thought is completed. This elixir organizes the mind easily and without effort. It allows the smooth flow of information without chaos. It helps to develop organizational skills not only mentally but also physically and emotionally. It slows the mind down sufficiently to give time to absorb the information that is received. It is a good energetic brain tonic that brings harmony and peace to jagged thinking, helping the fragments and pieces of thought to join together into a whole. It does not take away from creativity but enhances it by making it more practical and do-able. It is also a great mind expander, a good memory aid, and a benefit in learning, studying, reading, writing, computing, organizing and neatness. It is a good life skills builder. It helps improve self-esteem by allowing success in every day life and living.


(31) ANGEL DROPS® FOR ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS removes cravings caused by any kind of addictive and compulsive behavior including addictions to stress and fear. This essence brings peace and relaxes the nervous system. It has been known to work well for relationship issues.

(32) ANGEL DROPS® FOR ANGER RELEASE will extract anger from the body in an easy manner. It brings anger to a conscious level so as to be aware of it and allows one to release it quickly. It is good for all levels of depression, especially when the person is immobilized. It is an excellent method of releasing the anger blocks, layer by layer. It eases and comforts. It is soothing and calming and helps to bring peace. It brings self-control when anger is violent. It brings anger to a manageable level allowing one to understand the reason for the anger and thus to act appropriately. It cleanses the cells of hidden and old anger. In cases of repressed anger, it allows for a gradual and safe release.

(33) ANGEL DROPS® FOR COMMUNICATION ELIXIR This is an elixir of love connecting you to powerful Beings of Light. It helps in an awakening of the throat chakra, clearing away blockages and obstacles to self- expression. It allows expansion by bringing in a love of words and language and an ability to express emotions properly. It stimulates the firing of the proper chemicals to allow the speech centers of the brain to function properly so that there can be a fluid flow of thoughts and words. It is great for speech problems as it calms the nervous system and helps bridge the gaps that cause the impediments. It is great for opening to channel and to awaken intuition.

(34) ANGEL DROPS® FOR FUN ELIXIR This elixir lightens up the energy in a room or space. It brings in positive fun and laughter and lightness. It helps to diffuse a charged atmosphere, allowing one to feel and see lighter thoughts, feelings and energy. It is especially good in cases where we take ourselves too seriously. It is excellent for reducing stress by allowing us to see the lighter and happier sides of a situation. It works in a subtle manner in changing a negative situation into a positive one. A great “Fun” enhancer. It can be used at home, work and/or play.

(35) ANGEL DROPS® FOR NEGATIVITY CLEARING is a protection and healing essence infused with the love vibration of God and Goddess. It opens the heart to receive love. It cleanses the cells of negativity. It then fills and replenishes the cells with universal love and compassion that heals the self-hatred and feelings of not being good enough. This essence gives strength to allow the person to just “give up” their negativity and allow a higher power to take it and clear it. It replenishes the individual with the power that they have lost and given away. A very powerful protection essence as it strengthens and heals the aura, sealing holes and tears. It soothes, calms and balances all systems, healing the damage. It removes attachments from present and past lives in a very loving, easy, yet powerful manner. This essence allows the person to experience the Light and understanding. Should be taken consistently for best results.

(36) ANGEL DROPS® FOR RELEASE OF GRIEF is an elixir which helps to heal the heart of its pain like a soothing balm. It opens the awareness and broadens the understanding of the meaning behind the loss. Helps to bring peace and aids in calming and soothing the mind, heart and spirit. Eases and removes feelings of guilt and lifts depression. Allows you to process the anger at the loss in a healthy manner. This essence fills the individual with strength to move forward while bringing in understanding of the pain. It comforts, calms, relaxes and aids in sleep during these difficult times. Its resonance attracts the help needed to process the grief.

(37) ANGEL DROPS® FOR RELEASE OF SHAME This essence is infused with the love and forgiveness of the Christ Consciousness. It allows a connection to your Higher Self in admitting to, facing and releasing issues of shame and humiliation. It brings about peace of mind as you forgive yourself, realizing that the shame was not yours. You can then give it back to the person or situation which caused it, with ease. It brings your Higher Self closer to you, giving you the strength to retrieve the power you gave away at that time of shame or humiliation. Filled with a renewed sense of power, you can then free yourself from the restrictions, emotional cords and ties which bind you. In instances where you caused the shame for yourself or others, it allows you to face that situation with courage knowing that you are guided by your Higher Self. With their help and healing, you can then release the shame, ask for forgiveness and ultimately forgive yourself. This essence is like a great act of self love. As you face those issues which impede your growth emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you begin to remove those layers which hide your true inner beauty. This deep peeling uncovers a strength, magnificence and beauty you were never aware of before. Your vision clears. Your mind becomes more focused and your heart can forgive. You can then allow yourself to be truly free. With this freedom, you open yourself up to receive love, success, happiness and joy.

(38) ANGEL DROPS® FOR RESTFUL SLEEP helps to energetically balance the etheric brain hemispheres and the 7 chakras with the help of the Angels, bringing soothing comfort and healing deep sleep.

(39) ANGEL DROPS® FOR SELF ACCEPTANCE is an essence that brings out the miracle of you. It reaches the very core of your being, reminding you of who you really are. A self-love essence, bringing you to the realization that you are greater and more powerful than you really know, that you really are good enough to receive the gifts of the universe. It opens you to accept yourself as a beautiful soul placed upon this earth plane for a purpose, the purpose you decided upon, the contract you made with yourself to learn certain lessons and accomplish your goals and heart’s desires. It brings clarity where there is confusion as to your truest nature, your very essence, the spark of the divine love that created you. It helps fill you with love for who you really are, drawing to you those opportunities where you can express yourself with your true nature. It helps you to find out your true destiny, and gives you the courage to break those contracts which impede your growth and progress towards accomplishing those goals. It smoothes the path and removes the obstacles which prevent you from moving forward toward your destiny. It allows you to accept yourself with the goodness, truth, beauty, wisdom, love, light, compassion, talent and power that lies latent within you. It helps to alleviate the fear associated with seeing and believing in your innate majesty. It helps life to flow easily, effortlessly and beautifully. It brings and fills you with peace. Excellent for self-esteem issues.

(40) ANGEL DROPS® FORGIVENESS ELIXIR is an elixir connected with the Source of all Love and brings in the resonance of self-love. It helps to remove the feelings of martyrdom and self-pity so you can forgive yourself, as well as others. It allows you to see that you are human and make mistakes. You are not perfect. You also see more clearly that mankind is not perfect either, that we are all learning lessons. It helps you to reach a point where your heart opens to receive the flood of compassion allowing you to understand why you won’t forgive or can’t forgive. It melts the emotional blocks so you no longer have the need to keep up the pretense. You are then filled with true forgiveness and the burden is lifted from your shoulders. This elixir allows you to distinguish the “what” from the “why”. Then you can understand that the “why” can be forgiven and that the “what” does not always need to be forgiven.


(41) ANGEL DROPS® GROUNDING FORMULA is a very powerful grounding elixir to bring the subtle bodies back into the physical. It is excellent for cases of vertigo, dizziness and light-headedness. Good also in cases of shock, trauma and fear. It is very good for autism. Brings the person fully focused back to the physical reality. Allows one to face the fear that has caused the ungroundedness or dizziness. Connects the soul once again to the earth and its physical experience in an easy and loving manner. With consistent use, teaches the soul to love the beauty and grace of the physical body, to be comfortable in its own skin and to respect and honor it.

(42) ANGEL DROPS® JOY ELIXIR is an essence that helps to bring on the altered state beyond happiness, the transcendent state of Joy. It helps you to find and to realize joy in your life. It removes the darkness and negativity, bringing in clarity and light. It changes the dull to the shining, bright and colorful; the ordinary to the extraordinary; the mundane to the sublime. It gives the feeling of choirs of angels singing, allowing one to realize the beauty of life. It brings hope where it was lost or hidden in shadows, and fills one with peace. It allows you to see life filled with beauty, hope and wonder.

(43) ANGEL DROPS® LEMURIAN DREAM ELIXIR This elixir brings an awakening to the truth and the beauty of you and your reality; a coming home to the Goddess; and a welcoming of Her Light. It spreads cheer, happiness and joy while it brings peace to soothe and smooth whatever is discordant in your life and surroundings. This is a touch of the Goddess’s immense love for each and all of us and Her creation. It comes from the dream that was Lemuria, through the Lemurian Dreamers and a direct channel from Sirius. An instant remedy for maladies of all types, this loving elixir will calm and soothe the soul and spirit. Sprayed in a room it will bring a “sigh” of relief as it smoothes the energies. It awakens a deep cord of knowing that love and light will guide us throughout our lives. It will bring healing on all levels, especially the heart and the mind.

(44) ANGEL DROPS® NEW WORLD HEALING ELIXIR This is an essence of light and of love from higher realms. It helps to bring peace and understanding and to release the past beautifully and elegantly because of its higher vibration. It is like going through a portal into a new world. The New World Healing Elixir is a very powerful healer and helps to integrate the four bodies into harmony and balance. It prepares us for the new world and helps us create and build what is needed. It is a bridge into the new world and channels the new world energy into our reality, bringing relief. It is a transformational essence leading to transcendence and ease, peace and celebration. It is wonderful for children.

(45) ANGEL DROPS® PAIN ELIXIR can be used for pain on all subtle body levels bringing ease and peace by modifying the etheric brain functions. It is infused with the energy of the great healers of the world. It has been known to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle spasms.

(46) ANGEL DROPS® PATIENCE ELIXIR is a soothing and calming essence, clearing the mind and the heart, bringing clarity. It helps to rebalance the system when there is chaos or crisis. It allows one to focus on what is truly important in the larger perspective, realizing that “tomorrow is another day.” It removes the stress from being blinded by “out of control” emotions. It calms the body, cooling down the excess “fire” of confusion and impatience. It allows one to stop, think and realize what is truly important, recollecting the energies that have been scattered. It helps you to “give up control” and to trust in a Higher Power, receiving the guidance and the wisdom from your Higher Self and God and Goddess. It prevents anxiety caused by too many demands and the fear that nothing is being done, or that your project or task will never be completed. It allows you to center yourself, pause and wait. It removes the stress from having to wait to receive what you want. It helps to build wisdom.

(47) ANGEL DROPS® RAINBOW ELIXIR This is an elixir of great power and deep cleansing for the chakra system. It puts the individual into the torus of the rainbow, the between state of healing, creativity and power. It allows the healing to be gentle when needed, and yet to be powerful and impactful when the individual is ready. It is good for everyday use, especially in the morning upon arising to prepare for the day. It helps to cleanse the aura and chakras of all negativity accumulated during the day when used before bedtime. It is wonderful for all ages, including children, to clear the chakras of accumulated energetic debris. Adolescents especially benefit with its use as it helps to balance, harmonize and calm the awakening hormones, bringing peace and a greater understanding of the changes the body, soul and spirit are undergoing. It is also a protective essence as it strengthens the chakras and aura.

(48) ANGEL DROPS® RELEASING RESISTANCES ELIXIR This is a transformational essence that helps to catapult the individual to higher frequencies of love, self-love and healing. It strengthens and empowers as it helps dissolve the energetic, emotional and mental barriers to growth and healing. It balances the inner child and adolescent and helps remove their fear of change. It removes the impediments and obstacles that prevent the individual from moving forward and progressing along their spiritual pathway. It opens the channels to receiving the love and wisdom of your Higher Self and Soul. It helps to heal past life resistances brought into this lifetime easily and elegantly. It brings light into areas where there is darkness and allows healing to take place. It brings in a higher resonance and will produce change.

(49) ANGEL DROPS® RENEW FORMULA This is an elixir for regeneration and rebirth, for balance and harmony, happiness, joy and healing. It is a renewing of the body, mind and spirit, creating a new space in the ashes of the old. It is great after healings to continue the reparation of the cells and the spirit. It is for renewing the spirit and consciousness, hope and joy; for renewing the soul and experiences and life & love. It builds a new essence of soul and spirit, body and mind. It brings hope, light and love, uplifts and refreshes. It is like a phoenix, which rises from the ashes and begins a new life. It brings a newness of spirit, a seeing with fresh eyes, new vision, seeing life with new vitality. It brings hope to those who are depressed. It helps in reconnecting the missing links and neuronal pathways. This elixir helps strengthen a person in who they are. It is pale green in color, and is foamy, like hydrogen peroxide, getting rid of the old to bring in the new. It is very refreshing.

(50) ANGEL DROPS® FOR SELF CONTROL This elixir coats jagged nerves with harmony and peace and helps calm feelings of hyperactivity. It allows the individual to empower themselves and be in control. It calms and harmonizes the system and protects against outside influences. It helps to smooth the energetic body to allow peaceful interaction with the physical, mental and the emotional bodies. It makes one feel much calmer and helps one to think before reacting. It brings feelings of peace and relaxation. It also helps the mind to focus, pay attention and to concentrate without chaos. It allows for smooth, even thinking, harmony and order.


(51) ANGEL DROPS® SENSE OF HUMOR ELIXIR This elixir will tickle your sense of humor so that it will flow out easily and beautifully. Life will take on a new glow and a sparkle. Laughter is the best medicine and this elixir will help you find the laughter and clarity to see things differently. It will allow you to enjoy the moment and experience a life full of wonderful surprises. This is a bubbly elixir and you can’t contain it. But it is filled with love and compassion. It takes a “yucky” situation and brings you the clarity to see the humor in it. This is a transformational elixir that is very light in spirit. It allows you to see the other side of the coin that is the silver lining of light and laughter.

(52) ANGEL DROPS® SIRIUS ELIXIR is an instant connection to Sirius. It infuses an awareness of the vortex of Sirius, the vortex of the Goddess, bringing in that incredible power and love. It is a reminder of that unconditional and unfathomable love of God and Goddess, of that awareness of our eternal connection to the divine. This is an inspirational essence. It will open avenues to unbelievable creativity, happiness and joy. Healers using this essence will experience more power available to them during healings. A great healing essence, opening the way to miracles in your life. An essence filled with joy, beauty, goodness and truth, bringing relief from all types of maladies, depression, grief and doubt. A protective essence also, very powerful in diffusing negativity, protecting against negative energies and clearing the body, aura and space, allowing in the light of the Goddess, bringing clarity and peace. A love essence, opening the heart to receive that pure and beautiful love that we all yearn for, as it clears the mind of debris and residue, making that connection between love and will. It is extremely powerful in connecting one to the true source of power, God and Goddess. It helps to bring one closer to the source, allowing their presence in our daily lives and in our reality. It opens us to receive their love and compassion. An energizing essence as it fills the cells of our bodies with universal healing and balancing energy. It helps to diffuse all types of crisis, whether personal, family, relationship, job related, or business, in a loving and easy manner. It brings harmony to volatile situations as it smoothes the energies. It is a magical and miraculous essence.

(53) ANGEL DROPS® SPECIAL FORMULA FOR WEIGHT LOSS Inhibits and suppresses appetite in an effortless manner. Regulates blood sugar and keeps it stable. It is a safe alternative to diet pills and fad diets. Helps you keep your perspective concerning food and the trigger signals in the brain so that you are conscious of your choices. Allows you to love yourself for who you really are and to respect your body. Helps to heal that inner child or adolescent that is searching for love through the avenue of food and over eating. Builds resolve and strength of will to reach your goals. Brings hope to those who have lost faith in themselves and their power. Must be used consistently to achieve results.

(54) ANGEL DROPS® THE GREEN FLAME ELIXIR The Green Flame Elixir is a very powerful, passionate elixir, yet gentle, loving and strong. It is a powerful essence of the Love of the Goddess and brings the Divine Mother’s love into your heart chakra. It reminds us of the power of love. It is used for healing, especially emotional issues and traumas. It brings peace to your soul and frees your spirit. This miraculous healing essence is gentle enough for infants and children. It brings a healing balm to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and it allows healing to progress faster and safer. It draws in incredible healing energies that are coming to help not only individuals but our planet as well. It helps heal all sorts of maladies. It is also good for children, animals and plants. Crystals love this elixir. It connects them to their source, Sirius and beyond, helps to realign them, makes them more powerful, and fills them with happiness and joy. They sparkle more with this essence. The Green Flame was used in Atlantis and was aligned to very powerful crystals and connected to Sirius. This miraculous and very powerful elixir appears now to add to the mix of energies here to help create the very powerful standing wave of the Goddess’s return.

(55) ANGEL DROPS® VIOLET RAY ELIXIR The Violet Ray Elixir is a very high frequency healing energy. It is very crisp & clean and goes directly to the area that needs healing, regeneration and strength. It fills the heart & radiates powerful pulsating energy. Its vibration breaks down resistances and energetic blocks by dissolving them gently and then circulates and fills up the gaps to create a stronger and healthier space, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. It is also soothing and calming. It is a protective essence of 7 layers especially powerful for healers. Each of those layers is connected to one of the 7 major charkas of the body helping to cleanse and regenerate them. It helps accelerate healing, opening gateways for whatever is necessary at the moment. The Violet Ray is a frequency necessary at this time to help us connect with and usher in the New World.