Directions for Use


ANGEL DROPS® are comprised of distilled water, a small amount of Brandy as a preservative, and an infusion of Angelic energy.

They can be used in any one or combination of the following ways.

(1) Place 4 drops directly in the mouth;
(2) Place 2 drops on each of the 7 chakras (Crown, Brow, Throat, Chest, Stomach area, Below the navel, Base of spine);
(3) Place 2 drops on the crown, brow and wrists;
(4) Dilute by adding 4 drops into ½ glass of water, then sip it slowly;
(5) Place 2 drops directly on area of discomfort, rub it in gently;
(6) Place 4 drops in the bath and soak in it for 20 minutes;
(7) Use as a spray directly into your mouth, on your crown and other chakras, over your body, your face (avoid the eyes) and/or throughout a room;
(8) Add 4 drops to a bowl of water, dip a cloth in the solution and then wring out the excess liquid, use this as a compress on the area of discomfort. (Water may be hot or cold, depending on the condition.)